By Colleen Hill, CAP

Opportunities for significant tax benefits are often missed by donors who perceive a charitable gift of real estate to be an overwhelming process. However, real estate may be an ideal asset for charitable giving.

A recent study showed that 24% percent of privately held wealth in the United States is in real estate, yet it accounts for less than 3% of all charitable gifts.*

The current strength of the real estate market throughout the country means that your clients may have property that has appreciated significantly in value. Making a charitable gift of real estate through the Community Foundation of Holland/Zeeland can help your client turn property gains into community good. Gifts of real estate can vary widely and may be an excellent choice for your clients who want to…

Haans and Anita Mulder Family Fund

From Haans and Anita Mulder’s initial introduction as childhood friends, to their current relationship as husband and wife, family has played a meaningful role each step of the way. Their engagement with the local community is another nod to family — both were raised by faithful parents who emphasized the responsibility of giving back.

The Mulders share a strong connection to the Holland area. Haans has called Holland home for most of his life; while Anita’s family split their time between Grand Rapids during the school year, and a cottage in Holland during the…

School Mental Health Program

Even before Covid-19 upended daily school and family routines and brought untold new levels of stress to students’ lives, many were already struggling with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts. The most recent Ottawa County Youth Assessment Survey showed that nearly 20% of local teens have seriously thought about suicide, 13% have made a plan, and 8% have attempted suicide.

This means that in the average middle and high school classroom, five students have had suicidal thoughts and two of those five have previously attempted suicide. …

By Colleen Hill, CAP

If you are 70 1/2 or older, planning to make gifts to charity this year, and you have an IRA you may want to consider a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD). To help guide you, here are a few frequently asked questions and answers on QCDs.

What is a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD)?

A QCD is a direct transfer of funds from your IRA, payable directly to a qualified charity, such as CFHZ. Amounts distributed as a QCD can be counted toward satisfying your RMD for the year, up to $100,000 per individual. …

Alyssa Leal, Promise Scholar, tells CFHZ how she turned challenges into opportunities and then paid it forward for her fellow students.

Alyssa Leal, 2019 Promise Scholar

We are fortunate to have plenty of opportunities to hear from our past and current Promise students. Recently, we received an update from Alyssa Leal, a senior at Central Michigan University (CMU). She is part of the 2019 Promise class and is on-track to graduate this summer.

“I am so grateful for my time as part of the Promise community. As a first-generation student, my first two years in higher education challenged me in a way that I had never really been challenged before, and I truly struggled through my first two years here at CMU. …

From Mike Goorhouse, President/CEO of the Community Foundation of the Holland/Zeeland Area

It’s been a year since we launched our Emergency Human Needs Fund as part of a coalition effort to respond to the impacts of the emerging COVID-19 pandemic.

Dear Friend of the Community Foundation,

This week, one year ago, we launched our Emergency Human Needs Fund as part of a coalition effort to respond to the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. Join me as I look back on the past twelve months and all that CFHZ was able to accomplish to meet our mission in service of our community during a uniquely challenging time.

There is no question in my mind that the highlight of the past year for CFHZ was our “Community Impact” work. The magnitude and…

By Colleen Hill, CAP

Charitable giving incentives included in The CARES Act have been extended. This may be the perfect time to connect with your clients to share a few charitable giving updates that will help them give smart and make a greater impact.

As you work with your clients during this tax season, now is a great time to consider their charitable giving plans for 2021. As COVID-19 continues to impact our community and world, nonprofit organizations continue their tireless work to meet growing and evolving needs. Nonprofit organizations will be relying on the generosity of donors for the foreseeable future to serve the people who access their programs.

HPS Edna Mae Haworth Scholarship Reserve Fund

In the spring of 2019, Holland Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Brian Davis received an extraordinary letter in the mail. The letter shared news of a $100,000 gift to Holland Public Schools (HPS) from the estate of local philanthropist Edna (Eddie) Mae Haworth. The gift, described as, “a tangible expression of how strongly Edna felt about your mission and the good work you do in Holland,” came with no restrictions. …

Donor Advised Fund

Women of Color GIVE (WOC) is a philanthropy collective bringing together women of diverse cultural backgrounds to share common space, connect, and leverage resources that support each other and the causes that matter to them. Studies show women of color are grossly underrepresented in philanthropy circles, yet their lived experiences with racism, and unique insights into diverse aspects of our community, position them to have acute knowledge of the programs and initiatives that could make the biggest difference. …

Bridge Builders

“To us, including a gift to the Community Foundation in our estate plans is the way to create a big impact. Just as others invested in our future, now we can do the same.”

José and Juanita Bocanegra are committed to making a positive impact today, and in the future, as part of the Community Foundation’s Bridge Builder society. Inspired by childhood mentors, the Bocanegras are dedicated advocates for the Holland/Zeeland area.

Both José and Juanita were born into migrant families. Juanita’s family traveled back and forth between South Texas and Michigan. “The first year we came to…

Community Foundation H/Z

Ensuring that Holland/Zeeland MI thrives today, tomorrow and forever by building our Community’s Endowment and helping donors achieve their charitable goals.

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